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You can run R scripts directly in nguồn BI Desktop and import the resulting datasets into a power BI Desktop data model.

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Install R

To run R scripts in nguồn BI Desktop, you need lớn install R on your local machine. You can tải về and install R for không tính phí from many locations, including the noshop.vn R Application Network & the CRAN Repository. The current release supports Unicode characters & spaces (empty characters) in the installation path.

Run R scripts

Using just a few steps in nguồn BI Desktop, you can run R scripts và create a data model. With the data model, you can create reports and share them on the nguồn BI service. R scripting in power nguồn BI Desktop now supports number formats that contain decimals (.) và commas (,).

Prepare an R script

To run an R script in power nguồn BI Desktop, create the script in your local R development environment, và make sure it runs successfully.

To run the script in power nguồn BI Desktop, make sure the script runs successfully in a new và unmodified workspace. This prerequisite means that all packages & dependencies must be explicitly loaded and run. You can use source() to lớn run dependent scripts.

When you prepare and run an R script in power nguồn BI Desktop, there are a few limitations:

Because only data frames are imported, remember lớn represent the data you want lớn import to Power BI in a data frame.Columns typed as Complex & Vector aren"t imported, and they"re replaced with error values in the created table.Values that are N/A are translated to NULL values in nguồn BI Desktop.If an R script runs longer than 30 minutes, it times out.Interactive calls in the R script, such as waiting for user input, halts the script’s execution.When setting the working directory within the R script, you must define a full path to lớn the working directory, rather than a relative path.

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Run your R script và import data

Now you can run your R script to lớn import data into power BI Desktop:

In power BI Desktop, select Get data, choose Other > R script, and then select Connect:


If R is installed on your local machine, just copy your script into the script window and select OK. The latest installed version is displayed as your R engine.


Select OK to run the R Script. When the script runs successfully, you can then choose the resulting data frames to địa chỉ to the nguồn BI model.

You can control which R installation lớn use khổng lồ run your script. Lớn specify your R installation settings, choose File > Options and settings > Options, then select R scripting. Under R script options, the Detected R home directories dropdown danh sách shows your current R installation choices. If the R installation you want isn"t listed, pick Other, & then browse to lớn or enter your preferred R installation folder in Set an R home directory.



You can refresh an R script in power nguồn BI Desktop. When you refresh an R script, power BI Desktop runs the R script again in the power BI Desktop environment.

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Next steps

Take a look at the following additional information about R in nguồn BI.